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About the bill of lading, collection of this one is enough!

Different countries in the import and export of goods, will have different requirements and regulations, in order to avoid foreign trade freight forwarding in the face of new shipping country, blurred in transportation, customs clearance and other problems, small finishing the provisions list.

Countries to declare AMS

The United States, Canada, Mexico, Philippines (of which the United States do not need to declare the provisions of ISF must be provided to the United States Customs hours, before sailing 48 or USD5000 will be fined AMS $25 / $40 ticket, modify it / ticket).

Since July 1, 2016, all goods imported to Philippines have to be declared in advance, AMS, Philippines, in addition to the original EBS, CIC, and will be an additional AMS surcharge. Shipment to Philippines requires an early declaration of AMS

Countries to declare ENS

All EU member countries, ENS costs $25-35 / ticket.

A country where wooden packages need to be fumigated

Australia, the United States, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Israel, Brazil, Chile, Panama

Country where certificate of origin is required

Kampuchea, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Doha, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka

Spit out detailed regulations for ports in different countries!



Whether FOB or CIF conditions, regardless of whether the "TOORDER OF SHIPPER" bill of lading (instructions, regardless of whether the bill of lading bill of lading) in your hand, India can not pay the legal and technical, in the import declaration BILL OFENTRY (import manifest) and IGM (import cargo manifest) as long as India shows the names of customers and you have lost the right goods, regardless of whether the bill of lading in your hand, so be sure to advance as far as possible 100%.

The People's Republic of Bangladesh

Foreign exchange regulations of the Central Bank of Bangladesh: in addition to special circumstances, the import business must be made by irrevocable letter of credit. Unless the Ministry of Commerce of Bangladesh licensed the import trade, CIF shall not be used to protect the insurance industry in bangladesh. Bangladesh's export products, packaging must indicate the name and address of the importer company, tax number, the origin of the product, check the relevant information for inspection. Bangladesh since February 15, 2000 the implementation of imported goods "PSI - ship inspection system" (PRE-SHIPMENT-INSPECTION), to implement the inspection of goods exports to Bangladesh value assessment and bulk state before shipment. Since July 1, 2013, the Bangladesh customs office has opened a new electronic customs platform, requiring import bills of lading to display "BIN NUMBER". Bangladesh is a typical religious state, the population of Islam accounted for 88.3%, Islam is their national religion. Due to religious reasons, the Bangladesh letter of credit in general will ship the flag of the ship to make a special request, does not allow the carrier to hang the flag of Israel and other countries.


The Japanese port authority on imports of fireworks to second states: the port of discharge of fireworks in the cabin, the first discharge port to be opened the cabin, even if there is the first port of discharge of the goods is no exception; every bill of lading fireworks weight not more than 80 tons gross weight.


Singapore harbor provisions containing dangerous goods shall not ship docked at the pier, must be in dangerous goods anchorage unloading barge, and then by barge to the port authority designated consignee warehouse, the cost paid by the ship. Therefore, the dangerous goods ship to Singapore in the carriage, the shipper of dangerous goods should be required to pay subsidies.

The Philippines

The imported goods packed in gunny bags must be fumigated before they can be imported. Dangerous goods can not be unloaded in the warehouse of the wharf. They must be sent directly by the consignee to ship or to take the car or to take the goods directly.


The port authority of the Karachi stipulates that the carbon powder, graphite powder, two Magnesium Oxide and other dyes which are packed in imported paper bags must be packed in trays or packed properly, otherwise they will not be unloaded. In addition, Pakistan does not accept ships flying from India, South Africa, Israel, South Korea and Taiwan.


The ninetieth paragraph of the Iran Tax Code stipulates that freight charges shall be levied at 50% of the freight charges, irrespective of where they pay the goods at the port of Iran. Import goods are exempt from freight tax. The port authority of Jeddah and Dammam provides that:

1, the goods to the port of two must be in the port of loading pallets, container goods should first hit the pallets after packing.

2. The contents of the goods documents must be detailed.

Saudi Arabia

All goods imported to Saudi Arabia must be shipped by pallets and printed with origin and shipping marks. And since February 25, 2009, all shipments to Hong Kong in violation of the regulations, which did not use pallets, will be fined SAR1000 (US$267) /20 and SAR1500 (US$400) /40 respectively.

The United Arab Emirates

Dubai and Abu Dhabi port health authorities stipulated that all imported food, must indicate the failure period, and with the ship with health instructions, otherwise not unloading in Hong kong.


The Lebanese veterinary quarantine law where the import of live animal and animal products and products, all perishable and canned food, are required to carry onboard the official health certificate issued by the relevant producers, no goods prohibited entry certificate.


Without the permission of the Ministry of internal affairs of Maldives, are not allowed to import all kinds of drugs and sulfate, nitrate, and other dangerous animal; without permission from Maldives's Ministry of external affairs, not allowed to import alcoholic beverages, dogs, pigs or pork, statues.


In the end, the consignee must have the right to import and export, otherwise it can not import customs clearance. Therefore, it will take about one month to amend the bill of lading.



1, to declare the AMS bill of lading, to display merchandise encoding, and the need to provide AMS data and invoice and packing list; 2 Notify display, third party notification, general freight forwarding company or agent of CONSIGNEE; 3, SHIPPER display and CONSIGNEE display real real consignee consignor;

4, the name of the goods can not be displayed collectively, to display detailed product name;

5, number: request to show detailed number of pieces. Example: 1PALLET has 50 boxes of goods in it. You can't only show 1 PLT, you must display 1 pallet containing 50 cartons;

6, the bill of lading to show the origin of goods, sail after the bill of lading to change the bill of lading, at least USD200 fines


Chile does not accept the call on the bill of lading, wood packaging fumigation.


Do not accept the surrendered bill of lading to wood packaging fumigation, to provide packing list and invoice;

Through the COLON FREEZONE (Cologne Free Trade Zone) transit, to Panama (PANAMA) goods must be stacked and forklift trucks can be stacked, the weight of a single piece of not more than 2000KGS.


The bill of lading must show the amount of freight (either in US dollars or euros).


The Canadian government stipulated that goods shipped to the east coast of the country would be best served in Halifax and San Johns in winter because the two ports were unaffected by the ice.


Argentina law must be declared to the customs bill of lading the consignee lost, after approval by the Customs by the shipping company or by ship agency issued another set of bills of lading, and submitted to the relevant agencies in a statement that the original bill of lading failure.


To the United States and in the United States will discharge the goods in addition to follow the United States Customs 24 hours before shipment manifests submitted rules, also need to meet: the shipper or the consignee or notify the person shown in the bill of lading must contract for the guests; packaging of goods, in the name of bill of lading description please state the shipment is bleeding or non fumigation wood packaging.


1, accept only three original copies of the full set of bill of lading bill of lading must not be modified, showing freight amount (only use dollars or euros), do not accept the "TO ORDER" bill of lading bill of lading to show the consignee contact (telephone, address);

2. The CNPJ number of the consignee must be shown on the bill of lading (the consignee must be a registered company). The consignee must be registered at the destination customs;

3, not to pay, not in the port of destination to receive more money, wood packaging to fumigation, so LCL quotation is need to pay more attention.



Rotterdam port since January 1, 1996 by the "green Award" system, the load of 50 thousand tons of crude oil, according to the equipment, shipping and other aspects of the grades, if made of high grade, offering discounts on inbound freight. Rotterdam Harbor Bureau of safe and harmless to the ecological environment of the ship moored in the harbor, the port fee reduction.


1, guests must pay in a timely manner, or you are long-term cooperation, otherwise it is recommended to beat money first! Or pay more than 75%.

2, after the arrival of the goods must be two reminders: first, urging guests to pay, two, urging the guests to pick up the goods! Otherwise the goods to the port or station, no one to have the goods delivery by the customs to black out, or you'll have to pay a high cost at the same time through the relationship between the guests can engage in non delivery of goods, the market is sometimes rational can say!

3, in view of the Russian dilatory style, we must remember that, whether it is playing prepaid or pick up goods, or the back of the money, should be rushed reminders.



1. For the goods exported to Egypt, the commodity inspection bureau shall carry out pre shipment inspection and supervision.

2, regardless of whether the statutory requirements of commodity inspection, are required to provide replacement vouchers or formal receipt, inspection instructions, packing list, invoice, contract.

3, the replacement Pingtiao (single) to handle customs clearance inspection bureau (statutory inspection work can get ahead of the customs clearance form), and then the Inspection Bureau inspection personnel appointment to the warehouse for loading the specific time. (to make an appointment a few days ahead of time) should be consulted by the local Commodity Inspection Bureau

4, the Commodity Inspection Bureau staff to the warehouse, will first put pictures of empty containers, then the number of boxes of each shipment check, check the packing one vote, and take pictures to vote, know all the Bahrain, to the Inspection Bureau for customs clearance, and then we can arrange customs clearance.

5, after the customs clearance of about 5 working days, to the commodity inspection bureau to receive customs clearance of the port of destination inspection certificate before shipment, foreign customers with this certificate, you can apply for customs clearance at the destination port.

6, all goods exported to Egypt, the corresponding documents (certificate and invoice) must go to the Egyptian Embassy to the embassy certification, in Egypt for clearance delivery destination inspection certificate to the shipping documents and sealed before the embassy recognized after the declaration or export data to determine.

Around 7, the Egyptian embassy certification about 3-7 working days for pre shipment inspection certificate about 5 working days, customs clearance, commodity inspection and other marketing personnel to consult local authorities, talking about the customer must set aside time to their own safety within the scope of the corresponding operation.


Tanzania Port Authority provisions to Dar Es Salaam port to Tanzania or transported to Zambia, Zaire, Rwanda and Burundi and other countries in the packaging of goods, significant position of the brush of different colors on the cross symbol, so that the classification, otherwise the ship will charge the goods classification fee.


Djibouti port in the port cargo transport regulations, all documents and packaging marks should clearly fill in the final destination, such as WITH TRANSHIP MENT TO HOOEIDAH, but you must pay attention to the above contents, can not fill in the bill of lading to the port of a column, and only shows that on the rise or the bill of lading it is blank, otherwise the customs will be regarded as Djibouti Hong Kong goods to the consignee, and import tax clearance.


The Kenya Standards Bureau (KEBS) began implementing the export standard conformance test (PVOC) program in September 29, 2005. Therefore, from 2005 onwards, the use of PVOC such pre shipment verification methods. The PVoC directory products must obtain a certificate of compliance before shipment (CoC), CoC is the certificate of customs clearance documents Kenya mandatory, not the certificate, the arrival of the goods at the port of Kenya will be refused entry.

Cote d'Ivoire

Abidjan customs regulations: Bill of lading and manifest the goods listed name must be detailed, not to replace the goods, if not according to the above provisions, the carrier for the customs fine will be borne by the shipper; the goods in transit to Abidjan Mali, Burkina Faso and other inland countries, bill of lading and shipping documents and goods transportation package, required to specify the "Ivory Coast transit" to tax, or to levy additional tax.


In order to prevent unscrupulous traders arbitrage, the provisions of the Nigeria central management department, all imported goods issued before the inspection by SGS branch agencies qualified, "CLEAN REPORT OF FINDINGS" collection


The port authority of Australia stipulates that when the goods are packed in wooden cases, the wood shall be fumigated and the certificate of fumigation sent to the consignee. If there is no wood fumigation certificate, the wooden cases will be removed, burned, replaced, and the packing charges will be borne by the shipper.

New Zealand

The port authority of New Zealand stipulates that the wooden structure of containers and wooden packing materials and cushion boxes and wood in containers must be quarantined before they can enter the country.


Fiji customs regulations forbid import of spring knives and old clothes.

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