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Import and export declaration

General trade import and export is the most commonly used method of trade, Chinese territory has the right to operate import and export import and export trade enterprises unilateral unilateral transactions, by way of general trade import and export of goods for goods of general trade.

For enterprises or individuals who have no import and export rights, enterprises with import and export rights, but without the relevant business qualification, they will provide general trade agency services.

Sign foreign trade contract on behalf of:

We should rely on experienced foreign trade talents and accumulated practical cases for many years to provide customers with professional foreign trade contract service, which can minimize the friction and risk in international trade for enterprises.

(1) drafting of the contract text;

(two) make clear the signing qualifications of both parties

(three) clearly stipulate the obligations and responsibilities of both parties

(four) make clear the contents and terms of the contract

(five) sign a contract

Import and export agent:

Need to go through a complex process of approval for import and export rights, intends to apply for import and export enterprises must also be the Bureau of Commerce, customs, inspection and quarantine, foreign exchange bureau and other relevant departments of the approval of the electronic port, and get the approval certificate, to show the company has import and export rights. Enterprises that have the right to import and export may independently engage in import and export business.

We will provide import and export rights agents, and provide convenient and quick business support for enterprises with no import and export rights.

the "people-oriented, customer first" is our each Chinese passers-by creed.

can provide customers with professional, intimate sea and air services,

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