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Shenzhen headphone factory Mr. Liu

Customer: Shenzhen earphone factory, Mr. Liu
Chinese way business: Lison
Operation: Ken
Cargo condition: 1000KG
Mode of transportation: CZ direct flight
Operating time: August 1, 2016
Time to reach: August 5, 2016
On August 1st, early in the morning, we are still in an early morning meeting, a headset factory Mr. Liu called to ask me whether the Secretary can airlift FBA, more urgent.
Understand that Mr. Liu said the goods are a group of 1000GK headphones, shipped to the United States FBA, FBA, the first process needs to do DDP, you need to send the warehouse to the door. Combined with the situation, the goods choose the destination airport LAX, then you can walk faster, good service CZ non-stop flight.
After listening to our analysis and the mode of transportation, the time limit and the cost, Mr. Liu immediately agreed to go straight to CZ. In the afternoon of August 1st, Mr. Liu sent the goods to our warehouse in Guangzhou, but some of the goods had not yet had enough time to put on the Label label. We immediately helped to close the label and then sent the goods to the designated airport warehouse for customs clearance. On August 2nd, the goods were released and the plane took off.
August 3rd arrived, we help clearance, we have a company in the United States, Canada, Europe, has the right to import and export, in the United States, Canada has bought annual pounds, Europe has a EORI number, all FBA head carriage goods are not required to provide third party consignee for filing customs clearance, we will arrange courier UPS the goods delivered to the designated Amazon warehouse, without reservation queuing. In August 5th, the American branch office sent the goods to Mr. FBA, designated by Mr. Liu in the United states.
After the event, Mr. Liu also came to our company to thank and discuss the next cooperation, probably in mid August, and a batch of 800KG goods need to be transported by air, the United States FBA.

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