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Christmas gifts by sea, USA, DDU

Customer: Guangzhou toy factory Lee
The Chinese way of business: Ben
Operation: Little
Cargo condition: 1800KG
Mode of transportation: Christmas gifts, shipping USA, DDU
Operating time: September 7, 2016
Time to reach: September 27, 2016
Christmas, new year's day, Halloween are coming, and the arrival of these festivals is undoubtedly a carnival feast, and the arrival of these festivals are indispensable gifts and props. Beginning in September, it was Christmas gifts, the peak of some toy gifts. In September 5th, Mr. Li, a toy factory in Guangzhou, called us to consult our shipping USA DDU prescription and price.
Mr. Li, this shipment is mainly Christmas gifts, toys, 1800GK want to go by sea. Christmas gifts include live, live, material and fabric, while some toys are duty-free in the United States and some require tax collection. So we asked Mr. Li about the material, the volume, the style, and looked at the pictures. In combination with the goods, we gave Mr. Li a Christmas gift, shipping, American DDU, prescription and price reference.
In the early morning of September 6th, Mr. Li asked us to pick up the goods at their Guangzhou factory. We'll book the shipping space with the shipping company immediately. September 7th arrange delivery warehousing, customs shipping DDU.
September 27th the arrival of the goods at the port of destination, we arrange customs clearance and delivery immediately. In the afternoon of September 28th, the goods were delivered to the customers and all the orders were carried out in an orderly and smooth way.
On the afternoon of September 29th, Mr. Li came to our company to express our gratitude and asked us to help you with the shipment of the next shipment. And pointed out that he was looking for several freight forwarding companies in comparison, and ultimately choose us, in addition to the timeliness and reasonable prices, mainly professional, high quotations, technical content, more for customers to think.

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