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Decorations flown to New York DDU

Customer: Guangzhou accessories factory, Mr. blue

Chinese way business: KenSong

Operation: Little

Cargo condition: 1200KG

Shipping: decorations shipped to New York, DDU

Operating time: October 8, 2016

Time to reach: October 21, 2016

New York is the largest city in the United States, the Financial District of New York, which is known as the world financial center, taking the lower Manhattan city and Wall Street as its leader. The New York Times square is located in the hub of the Broadway Theatre District, known as "the crossroads of the world", and also one of the centres of the world entertainment industry. Behind the boom, there is no import and export trade. New York pays attention to art and fashion, and naturally, decorations are indispensable.

In October 8th, a blue gentleman asked us whether we could send the decorations to New York by DDU. We knew that the arrival was heavy 1200GK. The decorations were mainly furniture and decorations, mainly plastic, glass and ceramic materials. Because Mr. Liu this batch of goods quantity is big, special, our business and operation constant docking, two hours later to transportation plan, prescription and price reference.

In order to further protect the goods timely, safe transportation, business and operation specifically to Mr. blue and then ask the factory to see the goods, packing the goods, after all, fragile must be packed in wooden cases (non timber), inside to add shock bubble film, outside the box to put fragile label. Packing is done according to what we say. At the same time, we suggest that decorations be insured so as to ensure.

In October 11th, we went to the factory to see Mr. Liu goods schedule, packing the goods into warehouse, afternoon, and then arrange cargo to New York customs DDU, a machine, until the departure, our business has been followed, the goods entrusted to handle gentlyand Caution.

October 18th arrived at the destination airport, our American company immediately arrange customs clearance delivery, October 21st served to customers.

In October 22nd, Mr. blue beat us business week good telephone, said has been very worried about security issues, this fragile, afraid of breaking, how are you dedicated, professional, to our attention, in order to make our goods safety, fast arrival.

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